Welcome to Hangzhou Dianzi University!

Located in Hangzhou, host city of 2016 G20 summit renowned as “Paradise on Earth”, Hangzhou Dianzi University (HDU) ranks among the top 5 universities in Zhejiang Province featuring electronic and information science.

Generations of HDUers have been working vigorously in accordance with the university motto: Diligence, Practice, Integrity and Innovation. Over sixty years’ efforts have witnessed our university's engagement in the wave of world informatization and the global electronic information industry. With a goal of cultivating innovative talents and conducting forward-thinking research, HDU stands as a catalyst for industrial growth in China and the world.

HDU adheres to a student-centered philosophy in the pursuit of excellence. It aspires to nurture students’ global perspective, creative innovation and practical ability, with more than 160,000 graduates to date. We are pleased to see numerous alumni turn into the leading figures and make great contributions in all sectors of society.

Hangzhou is a city of innovation and vitality as Zhejiang Province is in the vanguard of Chinese digital economic development. Vibrant **all and mid-size enterprises can be found throughout the city, as well as the global innovator Alibaba. Firmly embedded in the local economic development, the university expands internship and employment channels for students to get hands-on experience guided by theoretical knowledge. All these contribute to the popularity of our graduates in the job market.

HDU has put its focus on the frontiers of the global information technology and established close collaborations with universities in over 30 countries. Pushing ahead with wide-ranging and multiple international communication and cooperation projects, we are making arduous efforts to promote education internationalization which enables HDUers to meet globalization challenges with broad vision and cultural awareness. 

HDU is proud to present a diverse range of academic choices and opportunities for you to study with a talented and dedicated faculty. On behalf of the university I extend my warm welcome to you to be part of the aspirations of the HDU community.

Prof. Zhu Zefei

President of Hangzhou Dianzi University